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The Cephal Stool

Product Design

This standing stool design came about from a brief during a FabLab Manorhamilton course run by Leo Scarff & Stuart Lawn. The brief was to design a new product which in some way improves one aspect of your daily life and as sitting at my desk was taking it's toll on my shoulder I decided to change my behaviour to help with my stance. Researching products already available I noticed that they all seemed to be quite generic and geometric in their overall shapes. It was time to put some curves and form into the standing stool.

The Stool Base

Construction & Aesthetics: The brief I gave myself was to create a design that was unlike the traditional office furniture available. The legs should not be stiff, but a flowing organic form.  I imagined them like arms of an octopus and decided after a very few preliminary sketches to work directly with Fusion 360.  My reason was to explore the programme and discover what it was capable of producing and would be much more productive than sending hours on my drawing skills.  Although I had worked with a 3D modelling system previously it had a very different approach to creating models.  I was able to achieve the curves I required, but when extruded there was no variation in height and when I got variation in height it was still along a straight axis.  However, I continued watching tutorials, kept playing around and slowly, little by little, I eventually understood what I needed to do to create the form I was trying to create.

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