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Film Crew Database for Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon.

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This is guided by Screen Guilds of Ireland Competency Framework


Photo: David j.

Behind the scenes photo from the film Ann Filmed in Boyle, Co. Roscommon

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Photo: David j.

Behind the scenes photo from the film Medical Aid, Filmed in Co. Roscommon by Box of Tricks Productions

Check Your Expertise Level.

If you're not sure what level you're at, please take time to read this page from the Screen Guilds of Ireland Competency Framework booklet on Careers Levels. Further information on the Competency Framework can be read in their booklet, which you can download here:

It is also worth noting that Screen Ireland are also in the process of rolling out a national database for the film industry. Although a much more onerous process, Black Hole Studio strongly suggest that you register your roles and skills on this database too, so you can be seen by a wider audience working in the film industry:

Screen Crew & Services Database

If you have any difficulties uploading your information, or if your role in the film industry is not shown in the list, please contact us and we will help you.  Contact us at the following email address:

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