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Who is David j.


David j. first started his photography career back in the late 80's by reading a weekly photography magazine 'You and Your Camera', which his mother had subscribed to. A comprehensive guide of eight volumes, each with 12 magazines gave him an insight to photography before he ever had a camera -  and still uses to this day.

That all changed when he got an Olympus OM-10 film camera and a visit to Minneapolis, USA where he received an inspirational lesson from Brian Pobuda looking through the book 'Photography as a Fine Art'.  It was then he understood the full scope of the photographic image. 


Returning to Ireland he worked as the darkroom technician at Inpho Photography before heading off to study the subject intensively at Lette-Verein, Berlin. During the two year course he was introduced to the relatively new visual digital world, in particular Photoshop, and it was from here that he developed his skills over the years to encompass the moving image in his work. 

David Pierce 02.jpg

David j. has exhibited his work, both photographic and film, in numerous international galleries including Ireland, Germany and the USA with work hanging in private collections.  He continues to pursue his art while, at the same time, producing commercial work for a variety of businesses and organisations.  It is this artistic flair that makes his work stand out from the mainstream. 

So, if you're looking for a portrait or want to promote your business get in touch and David will talk you through the different approaches and together will select the best option for your needs.

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