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Walking in Fields

Sound Walks

Sound Walks are a new way of bringing tunes to the public.  We can set up any track to be played anywhere in the world by simply scanning in a designated QR Code (which we will create for you) on a smartphone and it will automatically play.

You tell us where you want the song to be heard and we will set out the parameters, even changing from one tack to the next as you walk along the designated path.  And we're not prohibited to music, but any audio file you wish to have heard on the Sound Walk.

Get in touch if you wish to know more about this innovative technology.

QR Code

Sound Walk in Mullingar

Use your phone or mobile device to listen to three secret tracks by Count Tornado from his 'Under the Fridge' EP.  These can heard while strolling trough a certain area of Mullingar Town which is mapped out on the app.  To find out more simply scan in the QR Code on the left and follow the directions of the Echoes app.  There is no registration necessary, just follow the path shown and listen - the tracks will change as you enter each new area. 


The tracks featured are Telephone World (which can be heard outside of Phone Spot, Oliver Plunkett Street), People from the Sky at Columbia Bar (Mount Street) and finally, Living Under the Fridge outside the Arts Centre further down on Mount Street. We'd be delighted to let us know what you think of these secret tracks on our social media channels.

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