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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We'd like to delve into the recent past to showcase some music we developed with Audiohörhaus featuring Count Tornado. The experimental piece only had the one rule - not to conform to any particular rhythm. Something not too easy to achieve for most musicians! However, David O'Byrne led the way and, although there was a beat laid down, he was able to play in such a fashion that it seemed to be at odds with it. This put it up to Audiohörhaus to come up with something exceptional that would keep with the concept, yet bring it all together...which they did!

The resulting piece was featured in the Catalyst Arts Sound Recordings project and due to it's acclaimed success we decided to work with our collaborators at Black Hole Studio to produce a video to go with it. David j. listened to the track and felt that the disjointed feeling could mirror similar sentiments about the environment that were being felt around the world at this time - even pre-empting the current pandemic in some of the work.

Take a look and give us a heart if you like it!

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