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Sound Walk

We've just completed our first sound walk which will feature three of the tracks from the Count Tornado EP 'Under the Fridge'. We have put this Count Tornado in Mullingar piece together for your pleasure as you stroll in the town.

QR Code for Count Tornado in Mullingar sound walk
QR Code: Count Tornado in Mullingar

To avail of the Sound Walk all you have to do is hold your camera phone up to the QR Code and then hit Mullingar Town centre. As you walk along Oliver Plunkett Street past the Phone Spot, round the corner on Mount Street towards Columbia Bar and then continue on down to Lynn Road to the Arts Centre you will hear a selection of tracks from the Count tornado EP 'Under the Fridge'.

The three tracks will automatically change from one to the other as you enter a new zone. If you have any problems accessing the app, just drop us a line with your mobile number and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to talk you through it.

A big thank you to our sister organisation Black Hole Studio who helped us with setting this wonderful addition to the Count Tornado experience.

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