Pockethole Podcast

Pockethole Podcast is a show about obscure Irish musicians. Pdf Pockethole is a musician who wants to create the ultimate entertainment show with original music and whacky fx. The latest podcast features Count Tornado as part of his series. The Count talks about his documentary film 'Storm Warning' and how he got his name, as well as some ingenious advice on how to get your first gig!

Watch it here.

The Count is practicing with his new band 'The Social Dissenters' in preparation for a few shows in the not too distant future, but in the mean time you can watch him perform two songs live and solo from the podcast: 'Cats on Stilts' and 'Electric Sewing Machine'.

For more information on this eclectic performer check out his page on the website. Looking forward to hearing some new stuff from Count tornado who is busy writing some new material.

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