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New sound track

Audiohörhaus have just completed the first sound track in a three part series of documentaries. TriDox produced by Black Hole Studio will be releasing the first in the series later in May. The opening documentary is called 5 Working Days and is about the Irish Car Insuarance industry and how one man was treated by his insurer.

It was interesting work say the people behind Audiohörhaus. We were requested to make atmospherics more than music. We went back to basics starting with some simple percussion. Then used single notes on an electric guitar and played around with different effects, underlined by a kind of drone, also from a guitar. This was all that was needed. The rest was to cut and paste it in the right parts of the documentary under the guidance of the director.

The same soundtrack will be used for the remaining two parts, but in slightly different formats and edits, so the series will have the same overall feel.

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