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Completed: 48 hour challenge

After a couple of sleepless nights and lots of hard work my role as Boom Operator and Sound Recordist on this thoroughly exhilarating experience is over. Although, there was no time to mix the audio I did manage to work on a couple of Foley Effects that were required. Recorded using a Røde shotgun mic and lav mics on a Zoom H5 recorder, it became quite awkward at times trying to balance the mix while holding the boom, but it all worked out well and having the use of a good tripod to hold the recorder helped no end. The crew and cast put a lot of work into the film and it was quite incredible to see what could be achieved within a two day period. I’m hoping that at a later date I will be given the final cut where I can work on post-production audio and give the film the sound it deserves.

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