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48 Hour Film Challenge

Joining up with a few local film makers for the Little Cinema & Galway City of Film 48 Hour Challenge. Beginning Thursday evening when every participant receives the genre, a prop and a line of dialogue to be used in the 5 minute short, then having until the following morning to come up with a story and script.

Then on Friday morning from 10:00 each crew and cast start making their film having to have it finished and submitted by Sunday 11:00 (We presume here at Nucleus Recordings the extra hour is for uploading the completed project).

It‘s going to be a lot of work to get it filmed, sound recorded, edited, colour-graded and anything else you want thrown at it within the time frame, but a great exercise in figuring out what is important to keep in and what can be left out to make a good film.

As part of the team we will be working on the sound recording and some post-production audio. We‘ll keep you posted over the weekend on our Twitter feed, so log on to see how we’re getting on!

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